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My core programs are:

  • Working with aspiring female entrepreneurs to confidently kick-start their dream 'online' business by providing a simple, clear and structured set up process and ongoing support, enabling them to establish and begin making sales and growing their business in 90 days.
  • Working with small business owners to transform their business achieving improved business performance and profits, leveraging their greatest asset - their employees.
Aspiration Coaching - Kim Nicholson

Hi, I’m Kim


I'm a success and business coach for women. I empower women to lead, create their dream business and make a bigger impact on the world and their own lives using their unique gifts.

If you feel like there must be more to life, then you’ve come to the right place!
My passion and goals are you to help you do what you love and do best.
I can help you to make the necessary changes and start living the life you want! Working with me, I can help you to:

  • take you from where you are now to on the right path to where you want to be
  • talk through challenges and feelings, help you rationalise them and come up with effective management strategies to put you on the path to success
  • explore what you want from your business and life and then go after achieving it.
  • help you to recognise what you are really capable of – we explore your buried strengths, special talents and untapped potential
  • help you to define your ambitions, find purpose and direction, set goals and provide you the strategies and guidance to help you achieve success.

What my clients have to say...

"I have recently undertaken coaching sessions with Kim and have found a new wave of confidence in the way I approach things professionally and personally. It wasn't about setting one particular goal, but what the little goals were along the way and how to celebrate those achievements. Kim has kept me accountable to my goals no matter how big or small and has shown me a different perspective on how to approach things. Even though our coaching sessions have recently finished, I know she's only a phone call away for any advice or support I may need."


"I've known Kim since 2001, not only as a team leader in a complex, global organisation but also as a coach, mentor, confidante and friend. Supportive in every role, Kim has an ability to make you feel confident when talking about your dreams and aspirations, and the obstacles preventing you from achieving your desired goals. That's not to say Kim will agree with everything you say. She will challenge you and play devil’s advocate to ensure you're being realistic. But you always know she's not taking you a step back, she's helping you build the steps forward. Kim has a knack for drawing the answers out from within you. The answers you've been struggling to find yourself. And that's what gave me the confidence that I really could achieve what I thought might be just outside my reach. After a conversation with Kim, I'll walk away with the motivation and confidence to achieve my goals, as well as the direction and steps I needed to get there."


"I have had the pleasure of working with Kim in a consulting capacity, she joined our business on a project to formally develop our internal recruitment practices. Through key stakeholder engagement, analysing existing data, completing detailed job analysis and benchmarking against industry best practice she successfully designed and implemented our talent acquisition processes. Upon completion of this project, there was an opportunity to continue our working relationship, where Kim was a key team member playing an integral part in the acquisition of a new company with approximately 45 employees, management of our recruitment processes and undertaking generalist HR tasks including advice to the business."


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